Thursday, 2 July 2009

The Death of Satire

If I were writing a satirical or parodic feature, for the Onion or McSweeney's or something, I don't think I would have the imagination to come up with "On the issue of same-sex marriage, we have much to learn from the writers of ancient Rome". This sentence is a perfect storm of multifaceted stupidity by itself; it can only be overegging the pudding to note that the author of that sublime phrase is being quoted by a pundit (David Klinghoffer, author of How Would God Vote?: Why the Bible Commands You to Be a Conservative) whose thesis is that the general acceptance of same-sex marriage would lead to the general population of men being so enamoured of the sexual joys of other men that they would find themselves utterly uninterested in women. I simply cannot bring myself to mount any criticism of this argument. Just look at it.


Odradek said...

Just stumbled onto your blog; I'm starting grad school in the fall as well - Slavic Studies.

That article was pretty funny, as far as a twisted wreck of mangled history, literature, and causality can be funny.

M. Caliban said...

I agree that if same-sex relationships and sex were de-stigmatized, fewer people would identify as straight. I just don't see how male/male sex is so alluring that the majority or even a large minority of men would tend to desire it above male/female sex.

I also notice the writer doesn't realize that few women can orgasm through penetration alone.

Funny stuff. Thanks for sharing.